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i'm back!
Monday. 2.23.04 7:15 pm
hey what's everybody. I know I haven't been updating much.. been to lAzY ... but anyways I'll just say that i'm making an artbook for the college board for college credits,that will add to my transcript. anyways enough about my school stuff.. well yeah let's get back on that.. I have a really nice oil pastel piece of pop art/surrealism piece, it's a drawing of a female model that came to the class to pose nude for us, it was the last anatomy class we had,so I had used her as reference for my drawing.

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just some underground freestyle flow
Tuesday. 12.30.03 1:02 am
This is Siege baby it’s prestigious I shimmer and shine like a diamond Queen of N. Y. C This is a takeover no regrets put make-up on ya You like you a cross dresser in drag oh I think I saw your mom in the back smoking crack Killing you wit my tight flow Make your mind blow like a hammer on concrete In a split 20 second you be breaking the ceiling Rising high in the air no doubt no care Want to bring it down in P. R. Ya get revived in the E. R. Be back in a minute Puerto Rican All-stars you know we’re hot off the charts Burning flames in ya heart building cities to the top We rock the block make niggas watch. SIEGE NYC Being a girl I can relate to the hate this so called 'Girls R Hoes' sterotypes Calling me one ain't gonna do. Respect the ones who bore you Don't hate us, appreciate us. Siege NYC. BACK IN THE DAYS HIP HOP IS A RHYME IT BRINGS BACK THE TIME WHEN YOU’D LET OUT THE VIBE TO YOUR MOUTH ON THE FLOOR TO THE BEATS AND TO THE STREETS TO THE YARDS WITH THE PAINT NEVER LEAVE TILL YOU FAINT. HIP-HOP : MY WORDZ HIP-HOP IS A LIFESTYLE HIP-HOP IS A LOVER HIP-HOP IS A POET HIP-HOP IS A SYMBOL HIP-HOP IS A STYLE HIP-HOP IS WILD HIP-HOP IS INFLUENICAL HIP-HOP IS HEARD HIP-HOP IS SEEN HIP-HOP IS A VIBE HIP-HOP IS EXPLICIT HIP-HOP HAS FLAVA HIP-HOP HAS BEATS HIP-HOP IS A MIX HIP-HOP IS LOVE HIP-HOP IS HOPE HIP-HOP IS FAMILY HIP-HOP IS VISIBLE HIP-HOP IS CUTURAL HIP-HOP IS AMBITIOUS HIP-HOP TEACHES KNOWLEDGE HIP-HOP TEACHES PEACE HIP-HOP TEACHES UNITY HIP-HIP TEACHES LOVE HIP-HOP TEACHES RESPECT HIP-HOP TEACHES WISDOM

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